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Meniere’s Disease, Vertigo, and a Small Vertebra at the Top of Your Neck

One of the characteristic features of Meniere's disease is the vertigo that accompanies it.  Meniere's is a disorder that affects the inner ear and typically causes a combination of symptoms: Vertigo Tinnitus (ringing in the [...]

Best Sleeping Positions for Neck Pain Sufferers

Neck pain is an extremely common condition.  The neck is a complex combination of bones, muscles, and ligaments.  Any of these structures can be strained or injured, leading to pain, stiffness, and discomfort.  One thing [...]

Whiplash Injury and Neck Pain: What You Need to Know

When most of us hear the word whiplash, we think of a high-speed car accident with airbag deployment and maybe a trip to the hospital.  However, the truth is that an injury does not need [...]

How Proper Spinal Alignment May Bring Migraine Relief

Suffering from a migraine is far from pleasant. People enduring these attacks have “finding relief” as number one on their list of things to do. Medications can offer some reprieve while one is undergoing an episode. However, [...]